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Knitter's Pride series of
dreamz needles and hooks are  made of Vermont  Birch - a hardwood able to take points and  provide a  very smooth surface. 

The dreamz Series color codes all  needles and hooks by their millimeter size, enabling an easy match when switching from knitting to crocheting, single points to double points and for just sorting your needles by size.  The Interchangeable circulars have the needle size on the wood needle  as well as on the metal portion of the shaft.  The cords are wonderful - they do not kink!

Available are Double Point Needles and Sets (packaged in groups of five needles per size), Fixed Circular Needles,  pairs of Single Point Needles and Sets, Interchangeable Shafts, an Interchangeable set,  single Crochet Hooks and a set.