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KOIGU Lace Merino

2 ply yarn spun from the same high quality merino of KOIGU's KPM and KPPPM fingering weight merino. Lace Merino provides sharp stitch  definition with a soft hand and flowing drape.

A perfect choice for light weight garments, shawls, scarves and socks.

100% merino wool - 50 gr/292 yds
Suggested needle size US 0 - US 1 (2.0 - 2.25mm)


L 223 "Flowers" (Variegated)
L 304 "Cornflower" (Variegated)
L 355 "Sorbet" (Variegated)
L 419 "Wild Blues" (Variegated)
L 436 "Monet" (Variegated)
L 534 "Sweet" (Variegated)
L 601 "Sunrise" (Variegated)
L 743 "Sprinkles" (Variegated)
L 851 "Sunset" (Variegated)
L 852 "Denim Mix" (Variegated)
L 863 "Midtown" (Variegated)
L 1142 "Pink" (Semi-Solid)
L 1180 "Cranberries" (Semi-solid)
L 2393 "Mocha" (Semi-solid)
L 2410 "Denim" (Semi-solid)
L 3011 "Powder Blue" (Semi-solid)
L1045 "Light Teal" (Variegated)
L1040 "Dark Teal" (Semi-solid)
L940 "Green" (Variegated)
L948 "Celadon" (Variegated)
L4001 "Light Celadon" (Semi-solid)
L869 "Fiesta" (Variegated)
L644 "Raspberry" (Variegated)
L585 "Baby" (Variegated)
L867X "Viva" (Variegated)
L2163 "Light Lavender" (Semi-solid)
L3005 "Purple" (Semi-solid)
L230 "Ocean" (Variegated)
L2400 "Black" (Semi-solid)
L2227 "Red Orange" (Semi-sollid)